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Sven Davisson - Jerry Wheeler has given a very nice review of The Desire Line over at Out in Print and in good company. Sven Davisson doesn’t write enough, but having teased us mercilessly with the odd short story or poem here and there, he’s finally produced his first full-length book of poetry and photography, The Desire Line.It was worth the wait.. Sven Davisson was born on the coast of Maine and now resides in New Orleans. He is an writer, editor, photographer and publisher whose work centers on spirituality and cultural theory.. Find nearly any book by Sven Davisson. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers..

Sven Davisson is Chief Administrative Officer at Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium. View Sven Davisson’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers.. The Waves returns at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, at Antenna (3718 St. Claude) featuring Alma Mathijsen, Megan McHugh, Sven Davisson, Poets Reading the News, and more.. Davisson is not only an omnivorous reader and spiritual scholar, but he boldly merges the essence of Eastern wisdom with the western occult tradition, synthesizing the two with extraordinary originality and grace, and providing us all with a glorious body of work all too rare in this decadent and material age..

Sven Davisson produces Ashé Journal of Experimental Spirituality, a parallel of White Crane with a Foucaultian queer post-gay edge. He’s a creative writer, a reporter with a wry sense of storytelling, a scholar (with a degree in Queer Theory from Hampshire College) and a poet.. Sven Davisson is a writer and photographer based in New Orleans. He is co-publisher with his husband of Rebel Satori Press and its imprint QueerMojo. The founding editor of He is co-publisher with his husband of Rebel Satori Press and its imprint QueerMojo.. h1: sven davisson, h2: 52 weeks project, back to film, bowie nola second line, cities of the dead, laura plantation, oak alley, photography & creative portraiture.

Sven Davisson Burroughs-ian Gnosticism: In His Own Words Sven Davisson Burroughs explicitly linked his philosophy to Manichaeism— a third century Persian religion. Manichaeism was founded by a young preacher, Mani in the early to mid third century of the common era..